Hey everybody,

First off, a happy Friday to you all.  It's actually raining where I'm at right now but it's kind of nice.  I enjoy working in doors when it's raining outside.  Something about the sound of the rain on the windows can really help your thoughts move easily.

Anyways, here we have it.  The final drawing of our good pal Nantan.  You may notice 
I focused just a bit more on light and shadow, this way the forms and shapes would come across as clearly as possible.  With a composition as symmetrical and straight on as this one it's important bring out those forms, as there aren't any other devices to help create depth and dimension.

More noticeably you'll see I've added more detail to his environment to try and capture some of the qualities I mentioned in the previous post regarding character - something that would aid in reflecting his personality.  A few leafs here, some grass there, a slight breeze and this is what we have.

Hope you guys dig it and I'll talk with you soon.  Have a great weekend!

- D



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